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10 Negative Effects Of Drinking Too Much Alcohol: By Medical Experts

When people consume too much alcohol, they often forget the line between reality and imagination. 

Their visions become blurry, and they always want to avoid the social circles that may recognize them as alcoholics.

Living a healthy life is not a big deal if you have professional health experts guiding you through the entire process. This is where the experts of AscendantNY detox centers come to the rescue.

These people are skilled enough to handle all kinds of alcohol addiction patients and help them step-by-step to overcome the addiction. Stay tuned with us and find the top 10 negative effects of drinking too much alcohol. 

What Happens When You Drink Too Much Alcohol?

When you drink too much alcohol, your habits gradually become an addiction. Once you are addicted, your mental and physical health suffer inexcusably. So, keep scrolling down this post and find out the 10 negative effects of drinking too much alcohol:

1: Inflammatory Damage

When you drink alcohol, your liver may not be able to filter the toxins from your body.

Long-term alcohol usage can interfere with this process, which will increase your chances of developing chronic liver disease. 

If your liver function is damaged due to heavy drinking, it will last a lifetime, and it will cause scarred tissues in your body. 

2: Problems On Endocrine Glands 

Drinking too much alcohol can cause hormonal imbalance in your body. Your brain may start secreting more dopamine, which will alter your testosterone level, menstrual cycle, sperm structure, etc.

If your brain depends on alcohol to feel a sense of joy, and pleasure, you will feel withdrawal symptoms when you decide to stop drinking.

Alcohol controls many hormones, which is why when you drink too much alcohol, your endocrine system tends to be dependent on it. 

3: Sugar Levels Rise

Heavy drinking can impact your pancreas unexplainably. Now, the pancreas controls your body’s insulin production, and its response to glucose, which is why if you drink too much alcohol, your pancreas may stop functioning right.

It will not only change your blood sugar levels, but will also cause pancreatitis or liver disease, or hypoglycemia.

Your body will not have the ability to produce enough sugar, and you may face complications too that will lead to diabetes, which is a chronic disorder that will last for life.

4: Central Nervous System Suffers

This symptom is quite apparent. Alcohol can impact the communication between your brain and body, which will give birth to slurred speech, and that is an important factor to notice.

Drinking can also affect your long-term memory, your ability to think clearly, and your ability to make rational decisions. 

If you continue drinking for too long, your frontal lobe will start getting affected accordingly. It may impact your short-term memory, impulse control, and brain damage in some cases. 

5: Circulatory System Does Not Function Properly

It is a well-known fact that heavy drinking puts too much pressure on your heart health, increasing your chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Apart from that, your lungs also have a risk of becoming weakened if you continue heavy drinking for much longer.

As a result, your chances of getting a heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, heart failure, and other heart diseases will also increase. 

6: Digestive Glands Don’t Work

You may not understand the correlation between your alcohol intake and digestive system at first. However, the digestive system suffers when you drink too much alcohol, but the symptoms will become apparent much later in life.

Drinking can damage the tissue in your digestive tracts, which will obstruct your ability to digest foods and absorb nutrients properly. It can obstruct your digestive abilities to even digest a healthy diet plan.

On the other hand, you will always have a feeling of gas, bloating, feeling unnecessary full, diarrhea, ulcer, etc. 

7: Reproduction And Sexual Problems

Drinking alcohol can surely lower your inhibitions, and you can spice up things for your partner in the bedroom. 

However, when you drink too much alcohol, your sex life suffers inexcusably. Your sex hormone production will reduce, which will obstruct your ability to maintain an erection.

It may also cause your menstrual cycle to come at a pause and will increase your chances of being infertile earlier than you intended.

8: Immune System Suffers

Too much drinking can weaken your immunity system. We bet you know what happens when your immune system does not function the way you intended.

You will be more susceptible to germs and viruses and will get many diseases that would not have happened otherwise.

It can also increase your chances of developing liver cancer, pancreas cancer, and stomach cancer. Even 10% of tuberculosis also happens when you drink too much alcohol. 

9: Skeletal System Weakens

Heavy alcohol consumption can weaken your bone density, which further increases the risk of osteoarthritis.

It can also make your bones thinner, and weaken your muscles over time, which is a problem you may not detect when you are young.

You may begin to feel unnecessary cramps in your muscles even when you have not exercised for a long time. On top of that, if you get injured, it will take much longer for your bones to heal, and function normally.

10: Mental Health Problems

Alcohol intake can give rise to many mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, paranoia, anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, psychotic disorder, etc. 

If you cannot deal with these mental health problems on your own, and you seek refuge in alcohol, you are probably not seeking help from the right people.

Even if you did not have these problems before, consuming too much alcohol can cause these. You can also develop a dependence on alcohol, and that will include symptoms like cravings, withdrawal signs, drinking more than intended, having difficulty in quitting drinking, etc.

Stay Sober! Stay Safe! 

If you are aware of these negative effects of drinking alcohol, you must maintain a certain degree of sobriety the next time you decide to pick a glass.

However, once you indulge your life in moderate drinking, you will notice some changes in your body. Your brain may not get used to the fact that you are trying to quit, so take professional help if needed. For further questions, ping us in the comment section. 

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