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When do you need to go through neurosurgery?

Though many people assume that neurosurgeons only perform brain surgeries, in reality, they have expertise in the various conditions affecting the skull, brain, nerves, spine, spinal cord, and blood vessels. 

Moreover, they not just perform surgeries but also specialize in non-surgical methods. Keeping in mind your existing health condition and other factors, a neurosurgeon of the best neurosurgery hospital in Bangalore will diagnose and provide you with the treatment accordingly. 

You will be surprised to know that neurosurgeons are often devoted to treating patients who do not require any surgical methods, such as patients with back pain, headaches, neck pain, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, degenerative disc disease, etc. 

However, in this article, you will learn more about the medical conditions you need to go through neurosurgery. It is essential to understand that several common disorders fall under a neurosurgeon’s care, but not all of them require to be treated surgically. Read on!

Conditions that need neurosurgery

A neurosurgeon may recommend a range of procedures, from non-surgical or conservative care to minimally invasive surgical or conventional surgical. Some of the most common disorders in which your surgeon will prescribe a surgical procedure are as follows:

Epilepsy Neurosurgery

If you have severe epileptic seizures and there’s no relief from non-surgical procedures, your surgeon recommends you go through Epilepsy Neurosurgery. This is the surgery prescribed for the person suffering from a condition called Epilepsy. 

This procedure involves cutting and removing a small portion of your brain where seizures occur. It can be the site of a tumor, malformation, or brain injury.

Anterior Cervical discectomy

Anterior Cervical discectomy surgery is a type of neck surgery in which a neurosurgeon removes a damaged disc to treat spinal cord compression or nerve root pressure, causing pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling the patient. 

Your surgeon will advise you to undergo an anterior cervical discectomy when you have excruciating pain that cannot be managed through non-surgical procedures. 

Chiari decompression

This surgery is prescribed for the rare condition of Arnold-Chiari malformation. In this condition, the brain’s tissue protrudes into the spinal canal; hence it requires a surgical procedure in which a bone is removed from the back of the skull to create space for the brain and widen the foramen magnum. This condition can be present at the time of birth or may develop as the brain grows.


It is when an operation or surgery is conducted wherein a part of the bone from the skull is removed temporarily to access the brain and make required repairs. This is a highly intensive and life-saving procedure that comes with its risks. Surgeons recommend going for craniotomy for various neurological disorders that include brain strokes. 


It is a neurosurgical procedure that involves removing the lamina (the roof of the spinal canal). If a disk has got displaced or damaged due to an accident, a surgeon can recommend undergoing Laminectomy to ease pressure on the spinal nerves. Or even to remove a tumor from the spine, Laminectomy is done.

If you have been referred to a neurosurgeon or diagnosed with any of these conditions, head straight to the best neurosurgery hospital in Bangalore. 

Besides these above-mentioned procedures, several other procedures, such as Lumbar puncture, microdiscectomy, ventriculostomy, and spinal fusion, are performed in the various neuro specialist hospitals. So before you proceed, make sure the hospital you are approaching provides the procedure you are looking for. 

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