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5 Types of Glasses to Consider While Looking for Migraine Eyeglasses

Migraines cause unbearable headaches that occur regularly at frequent intervals for some and suddenly at random intervals for many. Migraine occurrence has increased enormously during the pandemic due to the increased work-from-home routines and the extra stress. Prescription migraine glasses control the piercing headaches enormously and prevent the condition from getting worse.

FL-41 lenses

The FL-41 lenses with pink shades are by far the best in the market for keeping migraines under control. Our optical nerves become weak and sensitive to harsh light when we get a migraine. It creates photophobia or light sensitivity in the eyes for most people. Certain brands also create therapeutic blue light glasses to provide a certain level of protection from electronic gadgets. But they do not help prevent or control migraine like the prescription FL-41 lenses.

The pink-tinted light sensitivity glasses filter out the harsh lights that trigger the headache that stress our vulnerable nerves. It allows only short-wavelength lights that do not trigger the headache. If you feel your headaches occur in a pattern after spending a few hours on mobile or laptop, try blue light protection glasses first. If they don’t give relief, consult an eye doctor and get a prescription for FL-41 pink lenses. 

Cover up and wrap on style glasses

Wrapped frames provide the greatest cover-up when it comes to FL-41 light filtering. They are perfect to wear outdoors as they give a very sporty look. Protect the eyes from side reflections of eyes and are best for summer days as they filter the bright light better than other frames. They mostly resemble wrap-on sunglasses with a pink tint. The pink tinted glasses work pretty much similar to the normal sunglasses, which provide a certain level of sun protection to our eyes.

The shape allows the manufacturers to fit in extra filters on the side to prevent peripheral lights. They come in unique styles, and you can wear the latest cover-up migraine glasses on top of other prescription glasses too. They won’t look different and provide extra protection for your eyes when working for long hours. This style is the bestseller in migraine glasses, and many brands produce them with slight variations in tint and frame shape.

Polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses give a retro look to your face and are fit to wear for parties and outdoors. You need not worry about the fluorescent light in the party halls and shopping alleys that might trigger your migraine. The polarized sunglasses help in reducing the glare created by the intense lights. People with light sensitivity can see better in outdoor sunlight and flashy indoor lights with these glasses. People whose social life gets affected by vision stress or light sensitivity choose such glasses.

The stylish frames in curved rectangles or round also help make a face look fashionable. They are available in retro styles and many sizes to create a style statement. Experts suggest selecting lightweight frames made up of stainless steel and extra protective coating to avoid glare for migraine patients. Wood, plastic, and glass frames will cause some light reflection from the above or the sides, interrupting the clear vision.

Amber/yellow-tinted lenses

Some people who have migraines do not have light-sensitive eyes. But they experience high vision stress and eye fatigue when they use digital screens. Such people can use amber/yellow-tinted glasses, which will prevent them from getting light sensitivity in the future. They are simple blue blockers glasses with a unique tint that filters the strong wavelength lights more effectively than regular sunglasses.

Specific high-end amber/yellow-tinted lenses block the light spectrum responsible for migraine making them ideal for headache control. The shades mildly distort the color perception, filtering amber and blue light. Regular yellow tint glasses do not provide this level of protection like the special prescribed glasses sold by certain brands. Eye doctors recommend amber/yellow lenses for people classified as high-risk patients who will get light sensitivity in the future.

CR-39 glasses for extra clarity 

Always note a few other points while purchasing migraine glasses with FL-41 lenses, like the material of the lenses. Experts recommend lenses made up of CR-39 to get maximum clarity as it helps reduce vision stress. Most people prefer rimless glasses made of high-index material because of the lightweight and neat finish. But, it is best to choose a frame that covers the lenses on all sides and provides good protection from scratch, dust, and moisture.

CR-39 lenses are optimal for providing maximum clarity and can get tinted in various shades for migraine control. Some researchers experiment with green, blue, and red tints to control and prevent migraine attacks. Their research is not very successful yet, and the patients wearing these tints often develop darkness adaptation issues. After consulting with your eye doctor, it is better to select classic frames and shades to avoid taking a chance on your vision.

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