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Why Is Food Safety So Important

It is effortless for food poisoning to strike and leave people wondering if it will happen again. People are not aware of many of the allergies and sensitivities that they need to be mindful of. So why is food safety important?

As parents, teachers, and citizens, we all have a responsibility to protect the safety of our children. Adequate food safety practices lead to less foodborne illnesses and illness-related deaths. If a person is sickened by a foodborne disease, the medical expenses can be extreme. According to a study reported by the CDC, the estimated medical cost per case of salmonellosis reaches $8,900.

Why is Food Safety Important?

Food safety is an essential part of everyone’s life. People should be aware of the importance of taking certain precautions when handling food and how to prevent foodborne illness.

When it comes to food safety, there are three ways that we can help keep our kids safe:

  1. We should educate ourselves on handling and storing foods at home safely.
  2. Teach others about food safety, including parents, teachers, and caregivers.
  3. We should work together with public health officials to enhance food safety for everyone during food preparation, storage, and service at restaurants, grocery stores, and other places where we buy and eat food.

Do you know the rules when it comes to food and drinks?

The rules for food and drink are dependent on the state in which you are operating. Foodservice codes by the state are available on the FDA website. You can find where your state’s authority dealing with bars and restaurants is located and view the laws relevant to your state.

Generally, most states will have three primary areas of concern:

Foodservice license

If you offer any prepared food or drink (such as a salad bar), you need a food service license. This is also mandatory if you sell hot dogs or similar items in a cart or a different mobile location. In many areas, you need to apply several weeks in advance and pay a fee to use a coach for one day. Check with local authorities to see what is needed in your area.

Food storage

Keeping foods at the right temperature is essential to ensure fresh and safe to eat. To keep foods safe, keep them in the refrigerator until they are ready to be served, and make sure that they stay out of the temperature danger zone (between 40 F and 140 F). This is particularly important when serving salad bars where there is no way to keep them cold if left out.

Food safety

This can mean different things depending on where you are operating from, but it always has to do with making sure that foods remain fresh and safe for people to eat. Make sure that employees wash their hands thoroughly before touching food.

Learn which items that we take for granted are dangerous

So it turns out that there are many things in your home that can be more dangerous than you ever imagined. Some are obvious, like knives, others not so much (like your microwave). 

Please take a look at some of the most common dangers you encounter regularly and avoid them.

  • Toxic cleaning products – The average household is filled with dozens of toxic chemicals under the guise of being useful for cleaning.
  • Lead-glazed pottery – Lead glazes are more commonly found on ceramics from Asia and Mexico than on items made in Canada or the United States.
  • Electronic devices – Not only do these devices emit radiation, but they also contain mercury which is released into the air when they break.
  • Microwaves – While microwaves can cook food extremely quickly, they have been shown to cause changes in nutrition and moisture loss, effectively destroying many nutrients that make food healthy.
  • Lawnmowers – You should never use a lawnmower while sitting down because you could easily cut off your fingers or toes if you fall off.
  • Coffee makers – It is not uncommon for coffee makers to start leaking water onto hot burners after only a few months of use. This causes it to heat up, creating a safety hazard.

Final Thoughts about why is Food Safety Important?

It doesn’t matter what type of food you make or sell; food safety is crucial for ensuring that all your guests are eating safe food. It’s also essential to ensure that your staff has a safe work environment and that they follow a strict protocol when working with food. Since the government constantly reviews new laws and regulations regarding food safety, looking into it first-hand should be the best place to start.

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