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Low-calorie salad recipes for weight loss | 7 healthy salad recipes for weight loss

low-calorie salad recipes weight loss. Everyone wants to possess a healthy, wealthy, and steady life. But health doesn’t remain right all along, Whatever the reason behind it, You get sick whenever you go against natural food. 


Here is an example of that once you continuously eat fast food so natural plant-based food, then you’ve got far more chances to urge sick and also gain weight are going to be the most important problem, from which everyone wants to urge rid.

For getting obviate this overweight you need to know which food has healthy nutrients and also good for your health and weight loss. You can rely on a low-calorie salad for weight loss.

Do you know?

Vegetables and fruits also contain fat and calories.

For the weight loss purpose you ought to need to eat low-calorie and low-fat salad and must avoid food , sugary food, or packed food.

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low calorie salads for weight loss

Q: Can you lose weight on a salad diet?

No! you can’t rely only on one quiet salad diet for weight loss. Because Your body needs all types of nutrients, which suggests you can’t grind to a halt on just one salad meal for your daily routine.

So, you would like to require all types of low calories nutrients in your salad as your daily meal.

To meet your purpose of low calorie and nutritional meals you’ll make a diet plan in 7 alternative ways .

Here afterward I’ll describe 7 healthy low-calorie recipes for weight loss.

Q: Does eating salad every day help you lose weight?

Yes! It does help you to lose weight, but for this you should have to focus on green salad. Fill your bowl with fiber and protein-rich nutrients, put the proper portion of low calorie salad for effective results. 

Try to avoid topping or dressing unhealthy ingredients on a salad because Packed or premade salad has high calories and fat and unhealthy ingredients which cannot assist you to reduce weight.

Q: When should I eat salad to lose weight?

You can eat a bowl of salad before your lunch and meal as a snack. it’ll cause you to fuller and can remove the hunger side at meal-time. you’ll fulfill your craving with a low-calorie salad, so it’ll reduce your appetite. Because green salads are rich in fiber and low in fat that’s why you’ll stay fuller for an extended time without gaining weight.

Q: Which salad is best for weight loss?

Here i’ll introduce to you 7 healthy salad recipes for weight loss. These are the best recipes to make you successful in your weight loss journey.

Here are the 7 different weight loss salad recipes.

7 healthy salad recipes for weight loss
7 healthy salad recipes for weight loss
  1. Fruit salad:

                Fruit salad is one of the easiest salads to make in a quicker way. Different fruits contain different nutrients and are low in calories and fat which means to meet all your body needs in one place. Try to use this low calories salad morning time to give energy to your body to deal all along the day.


1 Apple (sliced in chunks)

        Pineapple (sliced in chunks)

        Melon (sliced in chunks)


        9-10 Strawberries chopped

        Greek yogurt

Mix all the fruits and yogurt in a bowl. For dressing or topping   you can use nuts Almonds, Pistachios, and kaju.


In a fruit salad, you can choose a quarter portion of each fruit, which you would like but Try to avoid bananas, because bananas contain more fat than all the fruits. 

2: Vegetables salad:

         Vegetables contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. So, a mixed vegetables salad helps the body to burn fat and keep you fit. Vegetables contain low calories and low fat, which is really very helpful for weight loss.  


Beet chopped

Radish chopped

Small Onion chopped

Tomato chopped

cucumber peeled and chopped

Black pepper and salt (as per taste)

Lemon juice (as per taste)

Mix all the chopped vegetables and sprinkle salt and black pepper according to your taste and then add some lemon juice. You can use roasted nuts as topping to give your salad more delicious taste.

3:Tomato Eggs salad:

Tomato egg salad is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber but Tomatoes are also good for your heart disease and cancer and eggs are good for your weight loss plan. This one is another low-calorie salad recipe to help you with weight loss.


   3 Boiled Eggs (roughly chopped)

   2 Tomato (Round sliced)

   Black pepper and salt

Roughly chop eggs and add salt and black pepper that’s it to say according to your taste. 

For topping you can put your egg mixture on tomato slices for better taste.

4:Chickpeas salad:

This is also one of the tastier and healthier salads and low calorie contain salad. Chickpeas are full of healthy nutrients and low in fat and calories that will help you to reduce your weight.


Cup Chickpea (boiled)

Tomato chopped(0ne)

small Onion (roughly chopped)

Radish chopped

Black pepper and salt

Lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients well, in the same way, you can use salt, black pepper, and lemon juice according to your taste. To make it tastier you can add boiled chicken (roughly chopped).

5:Cucumber salad:

Cucumbers are a rich source of vitamin K. Cucumbers are low in calories and high in minerals and vitamins.

It helps you in weight loss but it also helps to promote regularity.


3 Cucumber

1 Onion

Lemon juice

Black pepper and salt

Finely slice both of the ingredients and add some lemon juice and sprinkle black pepper and salt according to your taste. This low-calorie salad is also very helpful in weight loss.

6:White beans with chicken and egg salad:

This salad is also very helpful in weight loss, because it contains proteins, minerals and vitamins and low in calories and in fat. It fulfills all your body needs and gives nourishment to your body.


½ Cup White beans

100g boiled chicken chopped

3 boiled eggs

1 Onion chopped

Black pepper and salt

Mix well all the ingredients in a bowl, sprinkle black pepper and salt on mixture.

7:Apple chicken salad:

Apple and chickens are the best sources of protein, calcium, and minerals. It is not only helpful in a weight-loss plans but also helpful for your skin.


1 Apple chopped

Boiled chopped chicken

Black pepper, salt

Mix both of the ingredients well and sprinkle salt black pepper according to your taste. You can use this low calorie salad as your break-fast.


Although weight loss is a bit difficult and time taking experience,so in order to stay healthy for a long time and look prettier, it’s not a big deal.

Follow these low-calorie salad recipes for 7 healthy recipes for weight loss. you cannot get stuck relying on one meal because it’s bad for your health. 

Here you can comment about your weight loss journey. We’ll appreciate your appearance.

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