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High protein low carb vegetarian foods breakfast lunch for the bodybuilder

In this modern era, In this modern era, high protein and low carb vegetarian foods are very essential for everyone to be perfect He wants a perfect lifestyle, perfect food, perfect mind, and of course perfect body. Someone putting their efforts into weight gaining while some others want to be slim and smart. This is totally depending on the daily food which we intake three times a day. Each food contains different other nutrients. But Normally food contains three macronutrients (i,e.  Carbs, Proteins, Fats). Now food that is high in protein and low in carbs can maintain your body fat either in weight loss and bodybuilding. It can also provide calories to your body, which is works as fuel to your body.

Here I’ll talk about bodybuilding, not for weight loss.

low carb high protein vegetarian recipes
  1. Carbs:

Carb means carbohydrates. Carbohydrates found in a wide variety of healthy and unhealthy food. Carbohydrates are vast in three categories such as sugar, starch, and fiber.

  • Sugar:

Food that contains a high quantity of sucrose, glucose, and fructose.

Sugary items are Sweeteners(i.e candies, cakes, donuts, sweets, and jams) and beverages (I,e. cold drinks, soda, squash, energy drinks, and canned juices).

  • Starch:

Starch is just another form of carbohydrates. This kind of food also contains an average amount of sugar. Sugar and sugary items are all linked with one another. (i.e bread. Rice, Cereals, potatoes, pasta)

  • Fiber:

Fiber is the part of plant-based foods (Oats, barley, beans, pulses, wheat, grains vegetables, and fruits.) that the body can’t break down.

  • Protein:

Basically, Proteins used to build muscle mass. We can get a high amount of protein from animal food (As like Meat, Fish).  Meats are a rich source of protein. It is measured or identify the quantity of amino acid. Different foods have different varieties of amino acids.

  • Fatt:

As shown by its name fat is the energy which is stored in hormones. Food items either contain less fat or high fat it can never ever be useful for the body. Because it can cause of weight gain problem. With excessive use of fat contains food, You can look fatter in short term.

There are also two categories in fats.

  • Saturated:

Also in terms of fat, saturated fats are also not good for health. But as compared to polyunsaturated fats, it has some beneficial properties.

As like a stick of butter.

  • Unsaturated:

(As like vegetable oil) These are the polyunsaturated fats which are not good fat, when you intake the unsaturated fat they can weaken the membrane and its near area cells.

They also push your omega-6 toward your omega-3, which makes changes on its balance, so that the result can because of skin inflammation. (i,e. skin allergy, skin burning, or etching).

I think you’d be a little bit familiar with the terms proteins, carbs, and fats. Now we’ll talk about the food that contains high protein and low carbs. And which food a vegetarian bodybuilder can intake to build the muscles and get a high amount of protein.

You also want to know:

What kind of high protein and low carbs food bodybuilders usually take?

What vegetarian food is high in protein and low in carbs

What do vegetarian bodybuilders eat for protein?

How does a vegetarian bodybuilder get enough protein?

List of high carb food you should be avoided.

Q: What kind of high protein and low carbs food bodybuilders usually take?

Usually, bodybuilders eat food for getting high proteins are

Meat: Beef, Mutton, Fish, Fatty fish, and Lean beef.

Dairy: Milk, Eggs, Yogurt, Butter, Cheese,

Vegetables: Broccoli, Cucumber, Spinach, Cauliflower, Quinoa, 

Fruits: Banana, Strawberry, Blackberry, Berries, watermelon, Avocado

Legumes: Beans and peas, Chickpeas, mung beans kidney beans

 Bodybuilders intake a huge amount of meat such as Mutton, Beef, Lean beef for getting high proteins and other nutrients. They use high protein and low carbs foods and some supplements for maintaining their body.

Here a question arises can a bodybuilders take a high amount of high protein and low carbs vegs food to build the muscles of his body?

So, the answer is yes, a bodybuilder uses high protein and low carbs vegetarian food to build the muscles and gaining weight.

But the food which uses for losing weight is different from the food which is taken by bodybuilders for weight gain or for building muscles.

Q: What do vegetarian bodybuilders eat for protein?

Here is the list of vegetarian food holding high protein and low carb for bodybuilders.

  1. Fruits: Strawberry, Barrie, Watermelon, Avocado, Peaches, Honeydew, Olives
  2. Vegetables: Cucumber, iceberg, celery, white mushrooms, spinach, Broccoli, Bell pepper, Cauliflower, Tomatoes.
  3. Nuts and seeds: Almonds, Pecans, Macadamia nuts, Peanuts.
  4. Soy: Tofu, Tempeh, 
  5. Healthy fats: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Paneer, Butter
  6. Legumes: Beans, Peas, Chickpeas, Kidney beans, Mung beans

Q: How does a vegetarian bodybuilder get enough protein?

Usually, bodybuilders intake meat, lean meat for getting high protein. But it is a little bit difficult for vegetarian bodybuilders to buildup the muscles by using vegan food. For that purpose, I’m going to make a 7-days meal plan for bodybuilding. By following this plan a bodybuilder gets enough protein.


Breakfast             Overnight oats

Lunch                  Vegetable salad

Dinner                 Roasted nuts+ whole milk

Note: you can make overnight oats for a different taste in 7 different ways. For lunch, you can fry your vegetables or you can roast all the vegetables for making them tastier.

Day 2:

Breakfast            Boiled chickpeas 

Lunch                  Fruits salad

Dinner                 Tofu or tempeh stir fry

Note: you can add some spice to boiled chickpeas to make them tastier. For dinner, you can choose 100g of tofu or tempeh stir fry.

Day 3:

Breakfast            Whole protein milk+banana

Lunch                  Roasted Chickpeas and vegetable salad

Dinner                 30g of almonds

Notes: You just have to use 2 bananas on avg. The weight of each banana is 50g. For lunch, you can make mixed vegetables and chickpeas salad you can choose according to taste either you can roast it or you can fry. For dinner, you can use any other nuts instead of almonds. But I preferred almonds.

Day 4:

Breakfast            Full-fat yogurt + Fruit

Lunch                  Fruits salad

Dinner                 Stir fry tempeh

Note: You can choose any kind of fruit. For lunch, you can make a fruit salad with vegetables and nuts and legumes. Similarly, you can make stir fry tempeh in coconut or olive oil.

Day 5:

Breakfast            Fruits and a handful of nuts

Linch                   Vegetables and beans salad

Dinner                 Paneer with daily night meal

Note: You can use different any kind of fresh fruit and nuts. For lunch, you can choose vegetables and beans fried salad in olive oil. For dinner, you can add  30g  paneer with your daily night meal.

Day 6:

Breakfast            Banana+milk

Lunch                  A Handful of almonds 

Dinner                 Boiled vegetables salad

Note: You have to take 2 bananas and one glass of milk for breakfast. And for dinner, you can make roasted vegetables salad or boiled vegetables salad.

Day 7:

Breakfast            Yogurt with butter

Lunch                  Mixed nuts

Dinner                 Grilled mushrooms, with buttered vegetables

Note: You can make a mixed fruit salad for breakfast. For dinner, You can fry or boiled all the ingredients and make it a salad.


  1. You can use water instead of energy drinks. Because energy drinks hold more carbs and low in proteins than water.
  2. You can use black coffee and green with no sugar.
  3. You should have to use measured ingredients for your meal plan.
  1. You just have to take 100g of proteins in a day to stay healthy. Because 100-50g of protein is enough for vegan bodybuilders.
  2. This 7-day meal plan has high protein and low carbs according to your desire and not stuck in taste.
  3. You can also take high protein supplements along with the following meal plan.

Q: List of High carb food should be avoided:

Beverages: Cold drinks. Energy drinks, canned juices, and flavored juices.

Fast food: samosas, burger, pizzas, and shawarma

Chocolates: Anykind of chocolates

Sweetness: Cake, Donuts, sweets

Potatoes: Reg fries, packed chips, baked potato, and boil potato


Here is a 7-days meal plan with high protein and low carbs and also a list of high proteins and low carbs vegetarian food all for bodybuilders. These high protein and low carbs food for bodybuilder’s, If you want to lose your weight than you can also use different plan with high protein and low carbs.

For your better health, you should be aware of food’s facts. Which food is much useful for your body and which food is less useful for your body. By then this you can choose a better meal plan for your own.

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