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Coffee Lemon and Hot Water Weight Loss Juice Recipe

Coffee lemon and hot water is natural weight loss supplement. Try this juice for just three days if you want results that you can feel and see fast.

Today, I’ll walk you through making coffee Lemon and hot water weight loss juice. First of all, let me start with a story. You may have heard the famous quote by Hippocrates that says: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Well, there is a lot of truth to that statement. The problem is that not everyone can afford to eat the ideal diet. But if you can, then you should always try to make eating clean an integral part of your life. When it comes to green juice recipes, they are excellent for improving your health and finding new ways to lose weight. It’s better than any weight loss pill or magic fat-burning diet that most infomercial products claim to do.

Health benefits of Lemon

Lemon is a sour and acidic fruit in the taste and has many health benefits. The health benefits of Lemon can be attributed to its Vitamin C content. Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Allicin.

It helps with:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity and Cancer prevention
  • It keeps your immune system healthy.
  • Reduces joint pain and soreness
  • It helps reduce fat storage and prevents obesity.
  • Lemons are refreshing
  • Lemons are cleansing
  • Keep you healthy and energetic.
  • Lemons may reduce blood pressure.
  • Help you lose weight.

Why Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is consumed in more than 100 countries, with over 2.25 billion cups consumed every day.

It is a bitter, dark-brown liquid containing caffeine and several antioxidants. The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant, temporarily warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness.

The essential components of coffee include water, soluble carbohydrates (dextrin and maltose), protein, mineral matter (calcium, iron, and magnesium), fat, and organic acids. The two primary acids found in coffee are chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

The human body needs water for many critical functions, including removing waste and regulating body temperature. It’s vital to stay hydrated throughout the day.

A healthy adult should drink 12 cups of water per day, according to the Mayo Clinic. A study from the University of Connecticut found that people who drank two cups of coffee with 200 calories burned more calories than those who consumed the same number of calories from soda.

Main reasons to drink hot water:

  1. It’s good for your skin. Hot water helps remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation, which can help you look younger and smoother. So drinking hot water daily is one of the best ways to keep your skin youthful, fresh, and glowing.
  2. It helps maintain a healthy weight, especially with regular exercises or workouts. Hot water not only helps boost your energy but also increases your metabolism and aids digestion as it encourages healthy bowel movements while flushing out toxins in your system.
  3. It relieves muscle soreness and cramps during workouts or when you’re doing house chores that require a lot of physical exertion. Drinking hot water will also help you recover faster after intense workouts or exercises so that you can resume your activities sooner without feeling too much pain or fatigue.

How to Make Coffee Lemon and Hot Water Juice

Many of us are concerned about our health, and we are always on the lookout for something that can keep us healthy. Here is a lemon and coffee diet that will increase your energy levels and give you the strength to fight diseases.

The ingredients required for lemon juice include:

  1. Half a lemon (peeled)
  2. Hot water
  3. Sugar or honey (according to taste)

The process:

  • Squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass. 
  • Add 5-6 teaspoons of hot water and half a teaspoon of sugar or honey. 
  • Mix them well and drink. 
  • The water should be hot enough to create steam but not very hot. 
  • You can also use honey instead of sugar in this mixture.

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Juice Early in the Morning

Adding natural lemon juice to an early morning routine is a great way to start the day off right.

Most people are unaware that drinking lemon juice early in the morning is a very healthy habit.

You may be thinking, why should you drink lemon juice first thing in the morning? Well, there are some great benefits attached to this. You may not know about them. Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits that make Lemon juice a must-have for you.

For an excellent start to your day

Drinking lemon juice early in the morning on an empty stomach helps cleanse your body of toxins. 

Packed with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that helps your body build collagen, heal wounds and make solid bones and teeth. Lemons are high in Vitamin C, which may help lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. Drinking lemon juice in the morning can also help to cleanse your liver, allowing for better digestion.

Boosts your immune system

Drinking lemon juice early in the morning has been shown to boost your immune system by helping white blood cells fight off infections and viruses. The high levels of Vitamin C found in lemons can also prevent damage from free radicals, leading to premature aging and illness.

Boosts energy levels

Adding lemon juice to your morning routine can help you start the day off right by boosting your energy levels. Lemons contain iron, potassium, and B-complex vitamins that can help give you more energy throughout the day.

Help fight bloating

Drinking a glass of warm water with some fresh lemon squeezed into it each morning can help reduce bloating. The citric acid present in lemons helps eliminate the extra moisture accumulated in your body and prevents bloating. The potassium present in lemons also helps regulate sodium content in the body and flush out excess water.

To enhance weight loss.

Drinking warm water with squeezed lemon juice in its first thing in the morning reduces body fat by increasing thermogenesis (the process by which the body produces heat) within the body. It also improves digestion and disposes of waste products through urine. The liver is also cleansed, and there is an improved flow of bile which helps flush out fat from the system. Drinking lemon water regularly decreases weight gain and increases metabolism.

To improve skin

The vitamin C present in lemon water removes dead cells from your skin’s surface, thus giving you a natural glow without any side effects or extra efforts on your part. Lemon water helps prevent wrinkles and lightens age spots too!

Better digestion

Lemon juice is also very good for digestion. The citric acid present in lemons makes them an excellent digestive aid and can even help people suffering from constipation. Citric acid helps break down food and stimulate the production of pancreatic enzymes that help you digest your food more thoroughly. This enables you to get rid of indigestion, gas, and bloating, apart from helping you lose weight faster and easier than ever before.


This Coffee Lemon and Hot Water Weight Loss Juice Recipe is simple to make and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 days so that you can enjoy a refreshing glass every day.

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