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7 Best Subjects To Study

College majors are crucial in your professional journey. You can choose one that allows you to build on your existing passions and also opt to explore new ones based on your aspirations and interest. All majors come with intellectual challenges and foster skills pertinent to various professions.

This article lists the seven best subjects to study as a college major in today’s day and age. It covers their basic descriptions, job prospects, and the skills required to aid your decision-making. So, delve right in and find your calling.

Public health

A public health major prepares students to work to improve individual and communal health actively. While studying this subject, you will learn to examine public health issues, set up funding, increase healthcare access, and take on public health initiatives. Unclean water, foodborne diseases, and drug overdose are some examples of public health inadequacies you will confront. The subject has a growing appeal because of the indispensable nature of this line of work, with the pandemic as a recent example.

A degree in public health can earn you employment as a health educator, a biostatistician, and an environmental health officer, among others. You will be expected to hone research, communication, and problem-solving skills as a student and a professional.

If you foster enthusiasm for community service and public policy, public health major is the right fit for you. You can then pursue an online masters in public health to prepare yourself further to take on leadership and administrative roles and bring a substantial difference to your community.


Economics is a subject of the modern world. It is at the heart of the capitalistic society we thrive in today. A sought-after choice, it is ranked as one of the top three majors offered in Ivy League universities.

As an economics major, you will delve into the production and consumption choices of the three economic agents, individuals, businesses, and governments. You will be expected to put your numerical and analytical skills to work and engage in problem-solving at the micro and macro level. This subject opens doors to a future in various areas, such as the corporate world, public administration, law, and the government.

Economics is a difficult major as it expects you to showcase excellent writing, analysis, and mathematical skills. So, if critical thinking and numbers are your strongest suit, then take on the challenge and pave the way for a lucrative career.


Psychology is rapidly expanding. As more and more people come to value mental health and attempt to understand human behavior, the market is constantly growing, with promising career opportunities on the rise.

Psychology deals with different aspects of the human mind, such as cognition, memory, and emotion. It has a variety of sub-fields, with clinical, applied, and child psychology as the most popular. You can pursue the one that interests you the most and then take on the role of a counselor, a teacher, or a therapist, depending on your postgrad studies. With this major, you can also pursue careers in fields other than psychology, such as human resources and marketing.

It is a rewarding career choice as you are charged with resolving the problems of individuals. As you cater to their traumas, mental illnesses, and personal experiences, you bring a tangible improvement in their lives. Moreover, it is one of the fascinating subjects as it touches upon various aspects of human life and enlightens you about yourself and your surroundings. Good communication skills will be quite helpful once you become a professional psychologist.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering combines physical and life sciences such as chemistry, physics, and biology with mathematics to process raw materials into producing economically viable products. The chemical manufacturing processes that harness raw materials to bring about these products are the work of a chemical engineer.

It is considered a challenging subject to study as it involves several tough scientific and mathematical courses. However, the demand for chemical engineers is continuously rising, keeping in mind the imperative nature of their job across various industries. With a degree in chemical engineering, you can find employment in numerous industries, such as manufacturing, electronics, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few.

So, this major is suitable for you if the sciences and math are your forte, alongside strong problem-solving skills.

Computer science

As a computer science major, you will learn how to apply your technical knowledge of computers in areas such as business and the gaming world. Artificial intelligence, gaming technology, and robotics all fall under computer science. With this degree, you can take on the role of a software developer, AI engineer, or information security analyst, among other jobs. 

Computer scientists earn a competitive salary and have better job growth opportunities than other industries. The major is considered less challenging, especially if you have a strong base and interest in technical and numerical subjects. Calculus, data management, computer theory, and machine language are some courses included in this major.

So, if coding and computers excite you, and your numerical and technical skills are up to the mark, you can pursue Computer Science as a major.


The communication department is integral to every field and organization, from business and government to education and social services. The job opportunities are many and varied in line with this major, and you can easily locate them based on your liking and interests.

As a communications student, creative writing, marketing, public speaking, and news reporting are some of the courses you will be taking. You will have to decode verbal and nonverbal messages, scrutinize visual and written pieces of work, and learn different communication theories. It will also open you up to jobs in advertising and mass media. Considered to be one of the most engaging and fun majors, it prepares you for a future in almost any field.

So, if your written and oral communication skills are top-notch, and media and broadcasting excite you, this major is the right fit for you.


Biology deals with living organisms’ history, characteristics, habits, and functions. You can enroll in a med school if your interest lies in pure biology. You can then opt for other clinical degrees such as dentistry, optometry, and pharmacy. Biotechnology and genetics are two other growing fields under biology. Environmental science is another sub-field. With this major, you can pursue several employment opportunities, from an environmentalist and forensic scientist to a biotechnologist and ecologist.

This degree is lab-intensive, with math and science courses at its base. Some may find it hard with the scientific terminologies and concepts. However, it is a relatively simple form of science compared to other related subjects, such as physics.

So, if you have a keen eye for the matters of plant, animal, and human life, then this degree is for you. You can go on to propose groundbreaking research and positively impact the lives of the beings around you.


Your college major essentially carves your prospective future. It puts you on the career path of your choice and equips you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in that. If something in the list piques your interest, it’s time you looked up good colleges and universities to apply to.

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