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Top 5 Trending Workouts You Need to Try at Your Gym

Fitness trends and fads are popping up at gyms around the country. Some are new and exciting, while others are old and familiar. HIIT continues to be popular, with some gyms adding new group workouts like trampoline and trapeze. 

Group Workouts

Many people who struggle with fitness motivation find that working with like-minded individuals gives them the extra boost they need to stay consistent. When a class is booked in advance, and other members are counting on you to show up, it can be much harder to hit snooze again and skip your workout! Moreover, group exercise classes can also be fun! This may be because the workout is challenging, but it could also be because of competition. Whether for the sake of winning a trophy or to be the best in the class, having a sense of competition can encourage participants to push themselves harder. There are plenty of different group workouts that you can enroll in at gyms in San Jose. Try out a few to see which one is most popular with your members, and feel free to branch out and try some new activities! For example, some members enjoy the challenge of a yoga session or even the beauty of ballet.

High-Intensity Interval Training

If you haven’t already, it’s time to add high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to your workout routine. It’s a fitness trend that’s getting increasingly popular, with some fitness professionals saying that HIIT is the new standard for exercise. Short bursts of intensive exertion followed by rest intervals make up HIIT training. This is a powerful approach to lose weight and burn calories, and it’s especially useful for those with little free time.

One of the most effective ways to try HIIT is by incorporating it into your regular cardio workouts. For instance, try running as quickly as possible for one minute, followed by two minutes of strolling. Repeat this alternating pattern throughout your workout. Another way to incorporate HIIT is by combining it with strength exercises. For instance, you can do a one-minute cardio burst, followed by a one-minute strength exercise like squats, and then continue alternating between cardio and strength for the duration of your workout. It also helps to strengthen balance, flexibility, and agility. This is a terrific method to intensify your normal workouts.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is one of the latest trends to hit the gym. These workouts focus on improving your daily bending, twisting, and squatting movements. Functional fitness workouts tend to be low-impact and can be done with body weight or household equipment, such as sandbags or dumbbells. They often include explosive moves like box jumps and heavy-loaded carries.

Unlike many viral workout challenges that promise quick results, functional training offers a more sustainable way to improve strength and endurance. And you may be surprised to learn that these workouts can also help you get that lean, athletic look you see in people who move for a living (like dancers or athletes).


As the world continues to evolve, more people are turning to mindfulness to help cope with the stress and anxiety of the ever-changing times. This has led to more people participating in meditative workouts such as yoga and tai chi. These exercises incorporate both physical activity and meditation to make it simpler for novices to get started. Meditation and exercise have been shown to increase focus during a workout, reduce stress hormones, and improve recovery time. While it may be hard to meditate while running, biking, or lifting weights, you can try to tune out distractions like your playlist, the rugged terrain, or other people around you and focus on your breath.

A recent study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that practicing mindfulness could help improve your motivation to stick with a regular exercise program. It could also help you stay healthy by avoiding respiratory illnesses, which can keep you from working out.

Online Workouts

One of the major trends in fitness this year is the acceptance of virtual activities. Many gyms offered these during the pandemic to help build back customer confidence, and they are set to continue as people look for ways to incorporate the gym into their daily lives again after lockdowns ended.

Online workouts typically involve a trainer providing video-based instruction, using music and a countdown timer to help you track each new exercise. They can be as intense as you like but also focus on toning muscle and boosting flexibility. Some services are even focused on helping you achieve a specific goal, like a strong core or breaking out of your fitness comfort zone.

Another option is micro workouts, which can be completed in seven minutes. Designed to target your goals, they use scientifically proven routines that deliver maximum benefit in minimum time. These are excellent for people who want to exercise but find it challenging to fit in lengthy gym sessions, and they can be a wonderful way, to begin with HIIT training in general.

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