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Tips for Loosening up a Problematic Shoulder

You may experience a mobilization problem in your shoulder once or twice in your life. The problem can come from a direct injury, inflammatory condition, or other conditions. It’s essential to take steps to get back control of your life if this happens to you. The following are some tips for loosening your shoulder if you are having difficulty:

Try Hot and Cold Solutions

A stuck shoulder may be linked to frozen shoulder symptoms. Frozen shoulder is an often painful condition that can cause a hindrance that interferes with your daily life as well as your work-life. Using hot and cold compresses can work to loosen the shoulder once it gets into the thawing stage. The best practice is to use cold compresses in the beginning when you feel pain and then move to hot compresses after the pain subsides. Giving your shoulder some heat before you exercise is an excellent idea for generating more movement. 

Work Your Shoulder

The limitations that a locked shoulder can cause might make you feel like giving up and not using your shoulder for anything. On the contrary, it’s better to work the shoulder as much as you can. You can try using the handle from a broom to stretch your arms out in the morning. You can also lift your arm as far as it will go up the opening of your door and then try to make opening and closing motions with the door. That can help to break up any scar tissue that develops.  

Consider Getting a Massage

A massage specialist may be able to assist you in your recovery journey as well. A massage specialist has advanced training and can get deep into the tissues and muscles. This person can also assist with breaking up the scar tissue and thawing out your frozen shoulder the way you need it thawed. 

Think About Making Dietary Changes

Sometimes, a case of frozen shoulder can speak volumes about your overall health. A food allergy or sensitivity can affect all parts of your body, including your shoulder. It might be time to speak to your doctor and nutritionist about the possible causes of your shoulder issues. It’s possible that you may need to eliminate something harmful from your diet. 

Get Tested for Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamin deficiencies can cause fatigue, muscle pains, and conditions such as frozen shoulder as well. Some of the vitamins you may be lacking are vitamin D, C, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and so on. You can go to your doctor and let him or her know what you suspect. The specialist may run some tests on you and let you know which vitamins show low levels. You can then partake in some dietary changes or purchase supplements to make up for the items you’re lacking in your diet

You may find one of the above-mentioned solutions in your journey to resolve your shoulder pain. Try all the suggestions to see which ones are most effective for your situation. Other solutions may help if they do not.

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