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Healthy Eating

Foods Not To Eat If You Want To Be Healthy

Eating healthy is essential to your health; however, you need to know the best foods not to eat if you want to be healthy. This article will list some unhealthy items to avoid at all costs and replace them with more nutritious foods.

Foods not To Eat If You Want to Be Healthy

The foods you eat can have a significant impact on your health.

Eating the right things protects your body from disease and other adverse health outcomes, while eating the wrong foods puts you at risk for various problems.

This article provides an essential guide to what foods you should eat and avoid to be healthy.

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Here are 11 foods to avoid when you’re trying to lose weight.


Added sugar is extremely unhealthy.

Soft drinks, fruit juices, muffins, white rice, and white bread are technically low in fat, but the low-fat version of many of these foods may have more sugar than the regular version.

For this reason, many people think fat-free or low-fat foods are healthy, which is not always the case. Many fat-free or low-fat products are loaded with sugar to improve their taste.

Diet Drinks

People often turn to diet drinks or artificial sweeteners as a healthier alternative to sugar. Diet soda has been shown to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by 67% in women who drink more than two cans per day.

A study published in the journal Obesity found that people who consumed diet drinks gained more weight than those who drank regular soda.

Fast Food

Fast food lacks nutrients and is loaded with Tran’s fats, refined carbohydrates and sodium. It has been linked to an increased risk for most chronic diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

Processed Meats

Processed meats have been preserved by smoking, curing or salting or the addition of chemical preservatives such as nitrates or nitrites. It include bacon, sausage, pepperoni and deli meat like bologna and ham.

Fried Foods

There is no question that fried foods are some of the most delicious foods on the planet, but they are also very unhealthy. Fried foods are typically high in fat (around 40%), which can cause all sorts of problems for your digestive system. For example, they can cause inflammation in your stomach and intestines, leading to irritation and pain.

Artificial Sweeteners

If you eat a lot of diet foods or drink diet sodas to lose weight, you should think twice about doing so. Artificial sweeteners contain chemicals that have been linked to things like cancer, weight gain and insulin resistance. They are not worth using just because they have zero calories.


It is important to stay away from sugary drinks because soda contains a lot of sugar. One soda has approximately ten teaspoons of sugar! This means it can spike your blood sugar levels and make your body store fat. This does not mean you should drink diet soda either, as it contains artificial sweeteners. Instead, you should drink water or unsweetened tea/coffee if you need something sweetened.

Cookies, Cakes, and Regular Ice Cream

Cookies are often full of sugar and unhealthy fats. Like cakes, they’re high in calories, leading to weight gain if not eaten in moderation. They may also cause problems for some people’s blood sugar levels.


Many alcoholic drinks are loaded with sugar, which increases their calorie content. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to weight gain and play a prominent role in developing certain diseases, including cancer and liver cirrhosis.


Bacon is high in fat and protein but low in nutritional value. It contains excessive amounts of sodium and nitrates, linked to many health problems such as high blood pressure and increased cancer risk.


It’s an American staple, but the average burger is shockingly unhealthy for you. The meat itself is often made from animals raised under horrifying conditions, full of antibiotics and growth hormones passed on to anyone who eats them. Many burgers also contain tons of salt and fat from added seasonings, sauces and toppings like cheese.

Cat Food

It might sound crazy, but people eat cat food as a snack or in sandwiches and feed it to their dogs as a treat. There’s little nutritional value in cat food, designed specifically with cats’ dietary needs in mind — not humans’. It contains too much protein, fat and salt for people to eat regularly without risking weight gain or high blood pressure.


Cereal is the most popular breakfast food globally, but it is also one of the least healthy foods to eat. Most cereals have been processed to death and contain many unhealthy ingredients. Avoid cereal and if you must eat it, look for one that does not contain any added sugar or artificial ingredients.


Chocolate contains a high amount of saturated fat and sugar and should be avoided. It also increases heart rate and blood pressure, which may cause problems for those who suffer from diabetes or heart disease.

Hot Dogs

There’s probably nothing more synonymous with ballpark food than the hot dog. And while it may be a great treat in moderation, hot dogs aren’t exactly healthy for you. Some studies have shown that the nitrates in hot dogs have been linked to cancer and other health issues in children.

Fruit Juice

While many people think of fruit juice as a healthy drink, it’s just as high in sugar as sodas. The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugars to about 75 grams per day for women and 100 grams for men. One cup (240 ml) of orange juice contains 112 calories and 21 grams of sugar — over 25% of the recommended limit for women.

Pizza (no sauce)

Pizza, like sandwiches, is something that people eat every day. I don’t mean to tell you that pizza is never OK to eat. I want you to eat the right kind of pizza.

Pizza can be both healthy and unhealthy (depending on the ingredients). If your pizza contains a lot of cheese and processed meats such as salami, it is not healthy.

However, if your pizza contains plenty of vegetables and a low amount of cheese and processed meats, it can be healthy food. My recommendation is to always make your pizza at home with your favourite healthy toppings or order from a restaurant that uses good quality ingredients for its pizzas.”

Potatoes (e.g., baked, boiled, French fries)

Potatoes are another typical food in many diets. But these starchy vegetables can quickly cause weight gain if eaten in large amounts or regularly. For example, one medium baked potato has about 230 calories and 5 grams of fat if it’s eaten plain without butter or sour cream.

How to Avoid Overeating

Portion control is key at home and out of the house. Serve yourself a healthy portion on a small plate, not a large one. This will make it seem like you are eating more than you are.

If you go out to eat at a restaurant, ask for half of your meal to be wrapped in a doggie bag before it’s even served. This way, you’re not tempted to overeat.

Don’t hover around the snack table or chips and dip bowl if you’re out at a party or barbeque. It’s easy to overeat when distracted by a group of people or a television.

Foods to Eat

You know that eating right can be challenging. With the abundance of fast food and high-calorie snacks available, it’s easier to consume far more calories than you need. Another obstacle is the time required to prepare healthy meals at home.

However, a healthy diet isn’t as complicated or restrictive as many people imagine. It’s about eating nutritious foods that are in line with your unique needs, including your weight.

The following tips will help you make healthier choices:

  • Whole grains (whole wheat, steel-cut oats, brown rice, quinoa)
  • Vegetables (colorful variety-not potatoes)
  • Whole fruits (not fruit juices)
  • Nuts, seeds, beans, and other healthful sources of protein (fish and poultry)
  • Plant oils (olive and other vegetable oils)

Summary: Foods not To Eat If You Want to Be Healthy

There are many unhealthy items to avoid if you want to be healthy. Although tasty and convenient for busy people, these foods are bad for the body. Better options include lean meats, whole grains and reduced sugar and salt content. Find out which foods not to eat if you want to be healthy.

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