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Components of Physical Fitness

Components of physical fitness are the elements or qualities that play an integral role in understanding workout strategies.

Even so, people have a concept of what “fit” should look like. For some, it means getting a slim body; others like to have massive muscles or an hourglass shape.

However, fitness isn’t only about looks! You need to understand the basic aspects of physical fitness.

The components of physical fitness were found differently from place to place and from one researcher to the other. But most of them believed in some general fitness components, which we have covered below.

Components of Physical Fitness

Muscle strength

Firstly, muscle strength refers to a muscle’s ability to deliver as much power as possible.

Indeed, the “power “supports you in lifting and carrying heavy items. Without muscular strength, your muscles would be bad and unable to cope with the needs.

Also, muscle strength is affected by various elements, including muscle size, number, and type of fibers, flexibility, and psychological aspects.

Muscle strength is not only referring to doing heavy weight lifting or intense workout. You can develop strong muscles even staying at home by setting up home gym at small space.


Agility is the skill-related element of physical fitness in which a person alters the position of a body in a short time.

Although, multiple things affect the body’s agility. The most significant are the neurological system’s integrity, muscle capacity, and speed the body responds to it.

Body composition

This Fitness Element is the ratio of fat mass to fat-free mass in the body. Though, lean body mass defines the weight of water, muscle, bone, and organs. Body fat defines the residual fat tissue and is represented as a percentage of total weight.

Since muscle weighs more than fat, it is essential to estimate your body composition instead of your body weight to assess your overall fitness.

Moreover, the Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a tool for determining body composition. If you use body composition to test your fitness aims, you must be using the same body fat measuring system.


One of the most fundamental yet generally ignored elements of physical fitness is flexibility. The joints and muscles may be tight without flexibility and restricted mobility. Flexibility exercises enable your muscles can move freely throughout the range of motion.

Furthermore, you can examine your flexibility by bending forward and touching your toes. Those with great flexibility can easily touch their toes.

Besides that, another effective technique to check your flexibility is the sit and reach test (lean toward your toes).

 Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular endurance is the capacity of the heart and lungs to function together to deliver the required oxygen and energy to the body throughout prolonged tasks.

The example includes cycling, jogging or running on the treadmill, and swimming. Normally, the Cooper Run is used to assess cardiovascular endurance.

 Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance refers to the muscles’ ability to perform repetitive tasks without becoming fatigued. Cycling, step, and elliptical machines are among the examples. Plus, the sit-up test is the most common test to assess muscular endurance.


Lastly, a balance is the state of maintaining your body’s position, whether immobile or in motion. It is an important element of fitness. You can use tools like a Swiss ball or Stability board for balance training.

Undoubtedly, keeping a good balance is beneficial for many tasks we do each day, including running and climbing stairs. Balance activities can help prevent falls, a prevalent issue among the elderly.

Final Thoughts: Components of Physical Fitness

There are many reasons why you should do regular workout at your own home gym at small space because it is a highly recommended by many doctors. Make sure that you have a good diet plan as well. Use the 5 components of physical fitness worksheet answers to help you setting up home gym at small space.

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