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kinds of fitness| 5 basic Components of fitness worksheet and answer key

5 basic components of fitness are Strength, Flexibility, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Body Composition which makes a person physically fit.

There are also health and skill-related components worksheet, table worksheet to seek out and understand about fitness, and therefore the meaning of fitness easily and simply.

Fitness varies in several meanings for various people and a number of them think that fitness means having a balanced weight and seems to be in good general health.

While a variety of them have different perspectives, according to them fitness means walking around on one spot without a shortage of breath.

It doesn’t matter how you are taking the definition of fitness, what matters most is that you simply should put yourself during a healthy framework,

“which means living well and healthy and being physically fit and have the quality of being suitable to satisfy the task or role in every situation.”

5 basic components of fitness,fitness,health related fitness

Types of fitness:

There are two basic kinds of fitness mentioned below.

1. Health-related fitness(physical fitness) 

2.  Skill related fitness

Definition: Although like Health-related fitness, skill-related fitness also has various kinds, to maintain skill-related fitness a body should be needed to maintain a high level of performance on the playing field.

There are 6 different types of Skill related components



3.Reaction time




❏ 6 Components of fitness:

  1. Agility: It is the ability to change the position of an individual’s body quickly.

Example: The best example of agility is tennis, in which players have to change the direction quickly according to the situation.

  • Speed: it is the ability in which an individual has an approach to his own body to move quickly or slowly.

Example: Sprinters, cyclists, soccer is the best example to act according to the situation.

  • Reaction time: it is the ability to respond according to what you hear, feel or see.
  • Balance: It is the ability to control or change the body position while in standing or moving or still.

For example, Gymnastics, ice hockey, figure skating, and other sports require extreme control.

  • Power: It is the combination of both power and muscle force. It can move the body parts even though applying the maximum force of muscles.
  • Coordination: It is the ability to use all the senses together with body parts to perform tasks smoothly and perfectly.

Example: Basketball is the best example of coordination.

Definition: Physical fitness means doing physical tasks as if it is a marathon or a simple walk, but you can manage and operate in any environment.

There are 5 components of physical related fitness.

1. Strength

2.Cardiovascular Endurance

3.Muscular Endurance


5.Body Composition

❏ 5 Components of fitness:

That is to say, there are 5 components of fitness. Here we are going to discuss 5 components of fitness along with the health and skill-related components of the fitness worksheet.


A strength is defined as the ability to exert (utilize) the amount of muscular force in one single effort

but, the amount of force the muscle of your body can generate in one single effort without repetitions.

Exercises: Bicep Curl, Bench Press, Squat, weightlifting, Moving.

Cardiovascular Endurance:

It refers to the heart rate of the person. It is defined as the ability to perform a task for a long time with an elevated heart rate.

Your heart and lungs can work together to provide the required oxygen and nutrition to your body. It is also called cardio-respiratory.

Exercise:  Mile, Pacer, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling

Muscular Endurance: It is defined as the capability of the muscles to perform continuously for a long time.

Moreover repeatedly performing a task the muscle exerts less force for a long time until the muscle gets exhausting.

Exercise:  Push up, Curl up, Flex Arm Hang, Lifting


besides the capability of muscles and joints to move, twist, and bend.

It is very useful in maintaining and increasing the ability to protect yourself in a critical situation.

For your better understanding, you should know it helps to save you from being injured.

Exercise: Sit & Reach Shoulder flexibility.

Body Composition:

It is defined as knowing about the percentage of fat, bones, muscles, and tissues for the development of a fit body.

Exercise: BMI, Skinfold.

Activity 1:

NAME___________   Roll no.________ Components of fitness worksheet:

Q: How many types of components of fitness?


____________________________________________________________ _______________.

Q: Name the health-related fitness components?


____________________________________________________________ _______________.

Q: How many components of skill-related fitness have?


____________________________________________________________ ____________.

Q: What is cardiovascular endurance called?


____________________________________________________________ _________.

Q: Difference b/w cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance?


____________________________________________________________ __________.

Q: How many components does health-related fitness have?

Ans:________________________________________________________ ________.

Q: Can we assess by following both fitness components?

Ans:________________________________________________________ _____________.

Q: Did skill-related fitness have 5 components?

Ans:________________________________________________________ ____________.

Q: Name the types of components of fitness?

Ans:________________________________________________________ _____________.

Q: Skill-related fitness is about the assessment of skills fitness of an individual?

Ans:________________________________________________________ ________________.

Components of fitness worksheet answers:

This is your activity that first of all read all the paragraphs carefully and then write the answer to every question carefully.

Ans1: There are two types of components of fitness.

1. Health-related fitness  2. Skill-related fitness

Ans2: (i) Cardiovascular Endurance (ii) Muscular Endurance (iii) Strength

(iv) flexibility (v) Body composition

Ans3: Skill-related fitness has 6 components.

Ans4: It is also called Cardio-Respiratory

Ans5: Cardiovascular Endurance is defined as the ability to perform a task for a long time with an elevated heart rate.

Muscular Endurance is defined as the capability of the muscles to perform continuously for a long time.

Ans6: Health-related fitness has 5 components.

Ans7: Yes, We can assess by following both components of fitness. That what we have done and what we achieved.

Ans8: No, Skill-related fitness has 6 components.

Ans9: (i) Health-related fitness (ii) Skill related fitness

Ans10: Yes, Skill related fitness is about the skill assessment of an individual.

Activity 2: (For assessment)

5 Components of Health-related fitness table worksheet:

Here are 5 components of the fitness worksheet. Read the definition first and then fill in the table below.

Name: _____________________

Roll num______________

Components NameDescription & ExamplesAchievements
1. Cardiovascular Endurance  
2. Muscular Endurance  
3. Strength  
4. Flexibility  
5. Body composition  
basic components ,fitness,health,

First of all, read all the content about Health-related components and then write it down on the 5 components of the Health-related fitness table worksheet.

Activity 3:

NAME_____________        Roll No._____________ 5 Components of fitness Worksheet:

5 components of the fitness worksheet mentioned below.

  1. Physical fitness like walking, jogging and running are the _____________ of fitness.
  2. BMI stands for ____________________________.
  3. Movements of muscles and joints are defined in __________________________.

4.Health related fitness have ________________ components.

  • Squat is the ______________ exercise.
  • Skill related fitness has _________ components.
  • Individuals with better flexibility have less chances to be _____________________

8.During cardiovascular exercise, what lungs and heart do?________________________

9.__________________________ has the ability to live well and stay healthy.

10. Lifting defines _____________ type of exercise.

5 Components of fitness worksheet answer:

You can also see the answer key of the 5 components of the fitness worksheet.

  1. Cardiovascular Endurance
  2. Body Mass Index
  3. Flexibility
  4. Five
  5. Strength
  6. Six
  7. Injured
  8. Work together for getting Oxygen and Fuel for the body
  9. Health-related fitness
  10. Muscular Endurance

❏ Summary:

Now, in the end, you know that being fit doesn’t mean that it consumes a lot of weight, but it has some variations such as taking a balanced diet, keeping exercise on a daily routine, and continuously following the 5 components of fitness. Then you will be able to determine your fitness level based on what you have achieved? And what you should have to achieve?

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