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5 Easy Ways To Help Employees Have Better Health and Lifestyles

Employees are essential people in a company. Without them, a company may not flourish or even function properly. Also, the services and products offered by a business may not even be available without their workforce, skills, and critical thinking.

As an employer, you must ensure that your employees have a safe, fun, and healthy working environment, which could also increase the chances of your employee staying in your company. If not, your employees could always feel burnout, increase their absences, and tend to resign if a company causes harm to them than god. Thus, here are a few ways you could do to help your employees have better health and lifestyle despite their busy schedules.

Provide Incentives For Employees Who Lose Weight

Some employees tend to be competitive, making rewards or incentives effective to motivate employees to a specific goal. For instance, in losing weight, if you announce that there would be incentives for employees who could lose a specific kilogram in a month, they would be given an incentive but not in food form.

You could give incentives like a gift certificate from a spa, offer free massages, a treat to a hotel, and more. But, don’t go too overboard as your rewards don’t need to be that grand. It could be as simple as a free one-day leave and the like.

But, before you check the weight they lost, ensure you also have a copy of their exact weight the previous month and their health conditions and track their progress monthly. You could do this by investing in a good App. Apps are available to help you in this case since there are existing fitness trackers and prescription saver applications for employees taking maintenance medications.

Start An Exercise Club At Work

One of the best moments to do a workout is if you can do it with your friends. Having a friend who you could work out with could motivate you and encourage you to work harder during your workout. Not to mention, a companion could help push you a little harder when you feel like giving up on exercising. Thus, start an exercise club in your work to help your employees be healthier than they could do before, during, or even after work hours.

Encourage Physical Activities

Physical activity is vital for a person to be fit and healthy. In a single day, a person must allot at least thirty minutes or more of physical activity to help them maintain good health or meet their fitness goals.

There are employees whose nature of work requires them to sit in their office chairs all day, specifically during work hours. If not all day, it’s the only activity that takes most of their time. But, this habit is not beneficial for the health because if a person sits all day, it increases their chance of being at risk of various health issues like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and more.

With this, employees tend to say that they can’t commit to doing regular physical exercises if their time is mostly allotted to do their work. In this sense, as an employer, you could encourage physical activities in your office by creating an environment where employees could go and work out and, if possible, provide flexible working hours. Buy some gym essentials and have a designated place for physical activities like long walking paths or stairs.

Make Stairs Attractive

Climbing stairs is simple, but it’s very effective in burning fat and strengthening a person’s legs. Not to mention, it’s a good low-impact cardio exercise. So, if your company doesn’t have funds to create an office gym, use your office’s staircase.

Exercise in a busy office could be impossible, but it’s not. However, you have to make some effort to make your staircase interesting and attractive to create an impact on your employees that they would want to use the stairs instead of an elevator willingly. One of the simple things you could try to make your stairs attractive is to set up directional signs with footprints that they could follow.

If your company celebrates a specific theme, you could include the stairs in decorating your office. Try to put some motivational and inspirational messages that are health and life related along the staircase that your employees could easily see, as it could help encourage them to be healthier and have a positive mindset.

Offer Healthy Diet Foods

Most employees tend to eat their lunch or other meals in their on-site office cafeteria to avoid being late for work and because of proximity. With this, try to inspect the foods offered in your office cafeteria and assess whether or not they provide healthy meal options for employees.

Some of the foods you could suggest to promote better and healthier meals for your employees are having plenty of vegetables and fruits, foods that are high in protein, and limiting processed foods in your cafeteria. If a person doesn’t consume healthy meals, most likely, they would feel restless, tired, and weak. Not to mention, don’t forget to have drinking water always available so your employees can stay hydrated all day.

Final Thoughts

The health and wellness of your employees are vital in their overall performance during work. Thus, their overall health and well-being must not be neglected. So, if you’re thinking of various ways you could help your employees, read the details above to guide you.

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