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Unmasking the Emotions: Why Do Dementia Patients Experience Anger?

Dementia doesn’t just affect the brain – it affects the whole body. The brain accounts for the body’s communication and even one’s mood.

If a dementia patient’s body or brain is not working at optimum levels, they can develop symptoms that affect the way they perceive the world.

So if you are asking, why do dementia patients get angry, it’s about time you understand them. Here’s a quick overview of the very reasons!

Read on!

Communication Difficulties

In dementia, communication difficulties can add to the distress of the patient and their family. It can become increasingly difficult to make sense of another’s:

  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • needs

This is especially when communication is impaired. This lack of communication can add to the frustration and stress that many dementia patients are experiencing. As they lose their ability to adequately communicate their needs and convey their emotions, dementia patients often struggle to express their feelings and become easily overwhelmed.

As a result, dementia and anger outbursts may arise as a way to defend the feelings of vulnerability and confusion they are experiencing due to communication difficulties. 

Confusion and Fear

Confusion often arises when a patient is having a conversation or is being asked to complete simple tasks. This can lead to frustration and ultimately anger. Confusion and fear play a large role in the emergence of this emotion.

Confusion and fear are the main causes of:

  • impatience
  • confusion
  • insecurity

Fear of becoming dependent due to the frailties of their condition is typically where the anger stems from. In some cases, the fear of their limits causes anxiousness or even lashing out.

Physical Discomfort

Physical discomfort is an often overlooked source of anger in dementia patients. This can stem from issues such as:

  • feeling too hot or too cold
  • soreness and stiffness
  • the side effects of certain medications

When a dementia patient is prone to outbursts of anger, physical discomforts should be considered and managed as soon as possible. It is beneficial to both the patient and their caregivers to create a comfortable environment that is tailored to the patient’s individual needs. 

Memory Loss

Losing memories can be very difficult to face and many dementia patients experience anger and frustration in the face of memory loss. Often, this brain degenerative disease can result in difficulty to:

  • recall memories
  • retrieve vital information
  • describe emotion in words
  • coordinate motor skills

This can be a very difficult situation for the elderly especially if they don’t have personalized memory care, which can lead to feelings of being lost, traumatized, disoriented, and out of control.

So, Why Do Dementia Patients Get Angry?

Were you one of the many people asking “Why do dementia patients get angry”? The emotion of anger is an important aspect of life, especially for someone living with dementia. It has been shown that understanding the causes of anger can lead to better management of emotion.

Taking time to recognize the emotions of a loved one living with dementia, as well as implementing safety measures and activities when needed can help them live a more comfortable life. Show your loved one more care and understanding today!

Should you wish to read more articles aside from dementia personality changes, visit our blog.

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