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The Benefits of Using an EMS Machine

People with chronic pain are increasingly turning to EMS machine treatment for relief. EMS stands for “electric muscle stimulator.” An EMS machine stimulates muscles with small electric impulses. This can help reduce chronic pain. An electric muscle stimulator can also help you build muscle tone. EMS technology is fairly new, but it is starting to become widespread. Healthcare practitioners have already discovered many benefits of EMS treatment, and additional benefits are being discovered on a regular basis. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using an EMS machine.

Muscular Pain Relief

The primary reason that people get EMS treatment is muscular pain relief. Chronic muscular pain was one of the first conditions to be treated with EMS therapy, so healthcare practitioners and EMS machine manufacturers have been able to improve EMS machine treatment over the years. While many physicians will simply prescribe addictive opioids for chronic muscular pain, EMS treatment may be a safer alternative.

Muscle Spasm Reduction

Muscle spasms, especially back spasms, are a common and painful condition. Muscle spasms are also notoriously difficult to treat, with physicians often resorting to medications that have serious side effects. However, EMS treatment can be effective for muscle spasms. It also does not have any of the side effects of muscle spasm medication. 

Muscle Tone Improvement

There are many diseases, such as wasting diseases, that result in poor muscle tone. Poor muscle tone indicates weak muscles and causing people to appear frail. While the best way to improve muscle tone is exercise under the supervision of a physical therapist, an EMS machine can help you see even better results.

Joint Pain Reduction

While EMS therapy is best known for treating muscular conditions, it can also help with joint pain. It can even help reduce joint swelling. This benefit of EMS has only been documented fairly recently, so experts are not quite sure how it happens.

Quicker Recovery From Muscular Injuries

EMS treatment can help you recover from muscular injuries more quickly. This is because EMS treatment stimulates blood flow, which speeds up the healing process. Also, muscular injuries frequently result in weaker muscles after the injury has healed. EMS treatment can help you get your muscles back to full strength more quickly.

Increased Muscular & Tendon Flexibility

One of the most underrated benefits of EMS treatment is that it helps you improve the flexibility of your muscles and tendons. If you are currently having muscular pain or tendon pain, increased flexibility can help. Also, increased muscular and tendon flexibility can help you avoid injuries in the future.

Stress Reduction

Many patients who have received EMS therapy have noticed a reduction in their stress levels. EMS therapy and working out have a similar effect on muscles. Working out causes your body to release hormones that help you relax. EMS treatment may work the same way.

Increased Blood Flow

Increased blood flow is one of the biggest benefits of EMS therapy. Many of the other benefits of EMS therapy, such as quicker healing times, are a result of this increased blood flow. Increased blood flow can also be a benefit in itself if you suffer from a condition that impacts your circulation.

EMS Treatment at Home

In the past, the majority of patients who decided on EMS treatment would get their treatment from healthcare providers. However, home EMS machines are now widely available and affordable. These machines are easy to use, so you won’t have any problem treating yourself. Using a home EMS machine can help you save time and money that you would have spent had you visited a healthcare practitioner for EMS treatment.

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