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How Do Motorcycle Accident Claims Differ From Car Accident Claims?

Understanding additional concerns associated with motorcycle claims is crucial before filing a lawsuit following a motorcycle accident. Below is a list of differences between motorcycle and car accident claims.

The Other Driver May Claim They Did Not See You

The situation happens occasionally in motorcycle crashes and is less prevalent in car accidents, as larger cars are easier to see. Other factors make it harder for drivers to notice a bike before the occurrence of an accident:

  • Obstructions near the road: Bushes with thick branches, large trees, large lawn decorations, and buildings may block the driver’s view, especially around a curve. Obstructions are a significant issue for drivers navigating through turns, and they may need to react on time to an incoming bike.
  • Distractions: Texting, a last-minute hair touch-up or makeup, or fiddling with a GPS or radio may distract a driver from noticing a motorcycle.
  • Weather: Most people are less likely to see a motorcycle on cloudy, gray, and foggy days.

Motorcyclists should remain as visible as possible to improve their safety. Place reflectors on your bike and wear reflective clothing aside from using lights during cloudy days. Hire a lawyer after a motorcycle accident if distractions beyond your control cause the driver to crash into your bike to secure compensation for the damage.

Intersections Are Dangerous

Intersections are the most common sites of motorcycle accidents. A driver can turn left in front of a motorcycle and claim they didn’t see the bike. Other issues also contributed to the crash, including a misjudgment by the driver regarding how quickly the motorcycle entered the intersection or when the driver turns against the light. Motorcyclists must be extra careful when approaching intersections by keeping watch of incoming vehicles even if the motorcycle has a right of way.

Motorcycle Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Riding a motorcycle has a higher risk of injuries than riding in a vehicle. The freedom of navigating the road has multiple challenges, including the lack of safety features, including airbags and seat belts. Most bikers are aware of the risks involved and remain cautious to avoid wrecks, ride safely, and minimize the risk of injuries if an accident occurs. You can’t control the activities of other drivers on the road, and negligent drivers can cause an accident sometimes despite the motorcyclist’s efforts to remain safe. If this happens, the biker suffers multiple injuries that require extensive medical care.

Jurors Are Inclined to Blame the Motorcyclist

Most people usually have inaccurate ideas that motorcyclists are risk-taking adrenaline seekers. This can be a significant issue if the case goes to court, as it’s easier for the other party to convince the jury that you were at fault for the accident and that you shouldn’t receive any compensation for the sustained injuries. The best way to improve the chances of securing compensation is to work with a seasoned motorcycle crash lawyer for representation. A reliable attorney will explain the reasons why the accident wasn’t your fault in a straightforward manner.

Vehicles Trying to Pass Are a Threat to Motorcycles

A driver may fail to notice a motorcycle when the motorist plans to pass a large vehicle or another car. The driver may swing out to have a better look at the oncoming traffic lane before deciding it’s clear. A head-on crash happens if they miss a motorcycle heading in their direction. Sometimes, the motorcyclist swerves to prevent a head-on collision but ends up off the road, crashing into another obstacle, such as a tree.

If you have concerns or questions regarding a motorcycle accident claim, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a reliable personal injury attorney for a confidential and free consultation. A motorcycle accident attorney helps you file a successful claim and a lawsuit against liable parties. A seasoned attorney walks you through the available legal options to guarantee maximum compensation under the law.

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