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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Mini Bong

Trying your first bong can be overwhelming, especially when you are new to smoking cannabis. Bongs today come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. If you are a novice, packing a punch in a mini bong would be the most suited for a smoother hit.

Mini bongs are a blessing in disguise for all levels of smokers due to their durability and portability features. Hence, do not get swayed with the bigger sizes if you are not confident of heavy-duty gadgets.

Here are a few things to know more about small-sized bongs that will offer you a unique experience.

The Size

The majority of the small bongs come in sizes below 6-8 inches and are slightly smaller than the medium-sized.

The smaller size is compatible with newbie smokers because you require less breath to inhale. Once the water in the bong is heated, bubbles are created.

It filters the smoke and makes it more pleasing to inhale. Hence, the size of a small bong is perfect if you need smaller and smoother hits.


Mini bongs are easy to carry when you are on the go. The compact design of these devices is ideal to fit in your travel bag or backpack. The smaller piece makes it accessible, especially when you are traveling. Carrying a huge-sized bong is not feasible, especially for people who travel more often.


Yet another feature that makes this smoking accessory a convenient option. Tiny bongs are around five inches tall and weigh less than the bigger-sized bongs.

Moreover, bongs require low maintenance due to their small stature compared to other sizes. So, if you are always running on a time crunch, you need not stress much about keeping them clean.

Furthermore, you can easily share the bong around in your friend’s group due to their lightweight aspect. Though delicate, these are an excellent pick for people who are not an admirer of massive smoke equipment. 

Traditional and Carb Bongs

A traditional bong works similarly to regular bongs in small sizes. They even come with additional features such as ash catchers that filter the dirty water.

On the other hand, carb bongs are explicitly designed for you to travel often. They need no extra fittings or pieces and hence no hassle of removing any portion.

The bowl and the slide are sealed with silicone rubber in carb bongs. Also, you can manage the airflow by releasing the smoke from the hole.


Price is always an essential factor when it comes to investing in bongs. Compared to full-sized bongs, these devices are affordable in every sense. Hence, even if it does not suit your smoking style, you can quickly shift to a more extensive version without burning your pocket much.

Material and Colours

Mini bongs are available in varied materials and exciting colors. Like the bigger version, they come in glass, ceramic, silicone, and borosilicate, which are highly durable to heat resistance.

Bongs need not always be boring. To add a fun element to these bongs, they are available in varied colors like blue, pink, green, etc.

Final Thoughts

These versatile and easy-to-use smoking gadgets are a cooler version of the bigger pipes and bongs that eat up the space in your home. Small bongs are well-suited for cannabis enthusiasts who prefer smoother and more relaxed hits. If these features intrigued you, then these types of smoking devices may just be your type.

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