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5 Early Addiction Recovery Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you or anyone you know struggle with addiction?

Being addicted to drugs can take over one’s life. It can cause them to neglect many important aspects of their lives. If you or someone you love is currently in addiction recovery, you may be wondering how soon the addiction recovery progress is.

Depending on your situation and past, recovery can be hard, but knowing what mistakes to avoid can help. Keep reading to learn early addiction recovery mistakes and how to avoid them!

1. Avoiding Professional Treatment Services

Early on in addiction recovery, it is easy to make mistakes. This is especially true when it comes to avoiding professional treatment services. By avoiding professional help, a person may experience setbacks that could compromise their recovery.

Additionally, attempting to quit without assistance increases the risk of relapse. Find out more about services like the Sinclair method to help you or your loved one get professional treatment services.

2. Minimizing the Impact of Addiction

Common mistakes during the early parts of recovery include failing to recognize that an addiction exists. In minimizing the impact of addiction, one can easily lead to relapse and fall back into bad habits. It also includes the possible worsening of the long-term effects of addiction.

To avoid this, understand the impact of your or a person’s addiction on your life. Know how it affected your social life, mindset, and overall health. Read up, and educate yourself in order to know that it did change your life, and how to fix these changes.

3. Ignoring Post-Recovery Support Systems

Ignoring post-recovery support systems is a major mistake in early addiction recovery. Without this kind of support, those in early recovery may find themselves slipping back into old, harmful patterns.

This might be due to the lack of reliable emotional, mental, and physical support. Post-recovery support systems offer guidance for those in early addiction recovery. They provide counseling, group therapy, therapeutic tools, skills, etc., which help with the difficult times faced in the recovery process.

Ignoring post-recovery support systems should be avoided at all costs, as it can be the deciding factor between relapse and continued successful recovery.

4. Skipping Essential Lifestyle Changes

If a person is trying to recover from addiction, skipping essential lifestyle changes is an early mistake that can lead to a relapse. These go beyond quitting the use of drugs and alcohol. They are changes that affect every aspect of one’s life.

By enlisting the help of a professional or a person in long-term recovery to help craft an individualized plan, one can be sure to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to maintain a sustainable recovery.

5. Neglecting Self-Care and Mental Health

Addiction is often a symptom of an underlying mental health disorder. By not addressing these, one is more susceptible to relapse. Addressing these issues can prevent a relapse and increase the chances of recovery.

Being aware of triggers, finding methods of stress relief, and having a supportive network are all essential components of self-care. Also, seeking counseling and support from a mental health professional can help identify and manage these.

Taking time for self-care activities can also reduce stress and prevent relapse.

Avoiding Early Addiction Recovery Mistakes

Early addiction recovery mistakes can easily happen. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of the common pitfalls that we’ve just mentioned above.

If you need further help, reach out to a professional specializing in addiction recovery and help remove the barriers preventing you from regaining control of your life.

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