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Is this number 877-311-5134 spam?

You may be wondering if 877-311-5134 is a spam number. The short answer is yes, but there are three important points to keep in mind:

If you receive calls from this number, it’s likely spam

If you receive calls from this number, it’s likely spam. It would help if you were wary of any call that asks for personal information or tells you to press 1 to speak with an IRS agent. The IRS has announced that they do not send out automated calls and will only contact taxpayers by mail or online at

There are several ways to block future calls from this number:

  • Go into your voicemail settings and change them so the caller cannot leave a message;
  • Block all numbers associated with the number 877-311-5134;
  • Report the number as spam

This number appears to be a fake IRS helpline

The IRS is not in the habit of calling taxpayers. They will only contact you if they have a specific reason, which must be related to your taxes.

If someone calls you claiming to be from the IRS and asks you questions about your taxes, hang up immediately. If they persist, call their bluff by telling them that since they didn’t specify who they were calling about (taxes), then it could be anything—and therefore, nothing about what happens with your situation would change regardless of whether or not there was an actual problem needing resolution or not!

Be careful of scams that claim to be calling from the IRS

The IRS will never call you, email you or send letters to your home asking for personal information over the phone. They also won’t threaten to send the police to your home or have someone come and arrest you if you don’t pay them money.

It’s not worth the risk to answer this call

Don’t give out personal information over the phone, such as your credit card or Social Security number. Also, do not trust callers who demand immediate payment and threaten you with arrest if you don’t comply. If a caller claims to be from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), it is unlikely that they will ask for any payments over the phone—they should send an email instead!

Don’t answer calls from 877-311-5134

Don’t answer calls from 877-311-5134.

Refrain from responding to any messages from this number.

Only provide personal information to this number.

Keep your credit card information private from this number.


The IRS does not contact people on the phone. If you receive a call from this number, it’s likely spam. The best way to protect yourself is by hanging up and not answering calls from that number.

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