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5 Reasons to Try Ashiatsu Massage

There’s no denying that massages can help you relax. But if you’re not a fan of getting “dug in” with elbows or thumbs, then Ashiatsu may be right up your alley. The therapist uses long gliding strokes and slow, deep compressions to apply pressure from their feet. The force of gravity behind each stroke makes this modality so effective.

Deeper Pressure

The licensed therapist applies pressure from their foot, massaging the body using long gliding strokes and deep compressions. The force of their body weight behind each of these strokes provides a depth of massage that is impossible to achieve with the hands alone. The foot pressure opens up the spinal region and elongates muscles. This makes it easier for the therapist to get into tight areas and release trigger points. It also improves blood flow to the affected area, helping to flush out toxins.

Increased Circulation

Gravity enables Ashiatsu massage therapists to deliver up to 3x deeper pressure than traditional hands-on techniques. Utilizing the broad surface of their foot, your therapist delivers consistent pressure that contours nicely to the body. The increased circulation of Ashiatsu massage promotes overall wellness and helps flush out toxins that cause inflammation and pain. This can especially benefit athletes who want to enhance their performance and recovery. Clients from different cities and Motion Massage often experience relief from chronic pain after receiving an Ashiatsu treatment. It can also improve posture and stretch shortened muscles along the spine.

Relieves Pain

Unlike traditional deep tissue massages, which utilize the hands, elbows and fists of the therapist, Ashiatsu uses the foot as the source of pressure. This allows the therapist to spread the pressure evenly over a larger surface area. This gives a much better experience for the client. With broader strokes, clients can get more relief from their pain, which is longer-lasting than other forms of deep tissue massage. During an Ashiatsu massage, the therapist uses their feet to apply long gliding strokes that elongate muscle fibers. These strokes also stimulate circulation and flush the lymphatic system.

Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to our health, and massage can help you get the rest you need. It also promotes better brain function, which can help you to relax and improve your mental health. During Ashiatsu massage, a therapist uses her feet instead of her hands or elbows to give a deep pressure massage. This allows her to apply more pressure than her arms and hands, making it much more comfortable for the client.

Increases Flexibility

Massage increases flexibility by increasing temperature and tissue elasticity, breaking down adhesions, removing waste products, reducing swelling and decreasing pain. It also helps break down muscle knots caused by tightness, high tension and poor posture. This allows the muscles to realign and return to their natural, healthy position. It also uses long, gravity-assisted strokes to broaden and lengthen muscle fibers. This can help improve the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) and iliotibial band (ITB) for athletes, improving movement and preventing injury.

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